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For those adventurous felines!

Our outdoor cat retreat has been specifically designed and constructed with your cat in mind, to provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere here at Beaches Pet Resort, complete with sun beds, toys, natural trees, plants and grass, sunlight and of course fresh air. Your Cat can enjoy scratching, climbing or simply relaxing in a tranquil garden setting. Rest-assured your cat will truly appreciate the benefits of this unique outdoor space. We strive to ensure our feline guests receive natural enrichment and wellbeing, we believe it to be a very important part of their holiday with us to enable them to free their minds, relieving any stress due to being away from home.

Your cat is safe with us! We have designed this outdoor playground to ensure the protection and security of your cat is guaranteed. With safety netting surrounding the centre, the threat of snakes and other dangers prevented, your cat can explore to their hearts content.

Spots are limited, please inform us if you would like your cat to enjoy our cat retreat when booking in. This area has limitations so please ensure you discuss this further with our friendly staff.





For Your Dog
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Beaches Pet Resort offer three levels of accommodation for your beloved dog. Complete with a comfortable trampoline bed and auto-fill water bowl, they have been specifically designed to keep your dog cool in summer and warm throughout those cooler nights here in North Queensland.


For Your CAT
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We offer state-of-the-art accommodation for your furry feline with lots of room to move about. We also offer an outdoor cat retreat, which has has been specifically designed and constructed to provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere, complete with sun beds, toys, natural trees, plants and grass, sunlight and of course fresh air. Click below to find out more information.


Other Pets
pet boarding townsville

We understand that it’s not all about cats and dogs, and that is why we cater for all creatures great and small! From feathery birds, scaly lizards to fluffy guinea pigs and furry rats and mice, Beaches Pet Resort are unable to cater for pet snakes.


Pickup Taxi
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For an affordable price, we offer a pet transport service to ease the stress of going away. We offer our Pet Taxi to you 7 days a week and it is available to any pets holidaying with us here at Beaches Pet Resort.


Contact Us

You'll Enjoy Your Holiday More If You Know Your Pet Is Safe And Well Cared For.

Cnr. Bruce Highway & Saunders Beach Rd. Yabulu, Townsville Qld 4818

8:00am to 11:00am & 3:00pm to 5:00pm 7 DAYS A WEEK or by appointment.

At Beaches Pet Boarding you can also bring the rest of your family. Birds and other small pets are welcome.

Ask our friendly staff at reception.

Here, at Beaches Pet Resort Townsville, your pets nutrition is extremely important to us and that’s why we highly recommend and feed your pets with Royal Canin, filled with all essential nutrients measured out with upmost precision in order to contribute every day and on a long-term basis to the well-being and health of cats and dogs, according to their age, size, physiological condition and breed.

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